St. Lucia Destinations

Anse Chastanet Beach

One of Saint Lucia’s s black beaches. Anse Chastanet beach is in a sheltered cove with excellent snorkeling within sight of the distinctive peaks of the Pitons.

Anse Cochon Beach

The dark sand cove beach is accessible only by an access road of Ti Kaye Village Resort or by boat. The calm water and adjacent reefs are part of the National Marine Reserve. Anse Cochon Beach is an excellent spot for swimming, diving and snorkeling.

Anse La Raye

This is a quaint fishing village that comes alive on Friday Evenings with a chance to buy fresh caught seafood, soveniners and enjoy some music.


Is a northern inner community that the location of the Rainforest Sky Rides and Marquis Plantation.

Barre de L ‘Isle

Is a mountain range that divides the north and south of the island. The vegetation in the valley is filled with giant ferns and eucalyptus and passage through it takes you into the very depths of the rainforest.


Canaries is a quiet fishing village nestled in the river valley fronted by a cove. It is one of the earlier settlements on the island that dates back to 1758. The village is on the west coast of the island that is north of Soufriere. In Canaries you can visit Plaz Kassav to witness the preparation of cassava bread on macambou leaves. Then you can taste or purchase one of the varieties of cassava breads made.

Cap Estate

Is located on the northern point of the island and once flourished with cotton trees. The area was once a 1,500 acre sugar cane plantation but now has some of the finest homes and a 18 hole golf course.


Is located in the northwest of the island and is the Capital of Saint Lucia. Castries was twice devastated by fire and has significant historical importance. Visit the historical buildings such as The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Derek Walcott Square, Columbus Square, Victory Monument, Government House, and enjoy the duty free shopping. Other sites to visit are Caribelle Batik, Eudovic’s Arts & Craft Studio and Morne Fortune.

Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

The church is located near the Derek Walcott Square and is filled with beautiful illustrations by a local artist, Dunstan St. Omer, on the walls and altar.

Castries Market

It is the home of local vendors selling fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, spices and local crafts. The market provides guests with an opportunity to purchase souvenirs. Saturday is the market day. The Vendor’s Arcade is located across the street for another chance to purchase souvenirs.


Is a fishing village located on the southwestern shore of the island. Shoppers can purchase woodcarvings, pottery and crafts from the Choiseul Arts & Craft Center.

Choc Bay

The smooth blue waters of Choc Bay are peaceful and great for swimming.


Is an Atlantic Ocean coastal village, located on the East Coast that is fronted by stunning rock formations and breathtaking views. The village is home to the Saturday Night Seafood Fiesta.

Diamond Waterfalls & Botanical Gardens

Originally the site was built in 1785 by King Louis XVI, intended to restore the health of soldiers fighting in the Haitian War of Independence. The site is rich in heritage and beautiful flora and fauna of the botanical gardens. Enjoy a bath in the medicinal mineral bath waters. Guided tours of the estate are available.

Fond Doux Estate

A 250 year old estate with fruit trees and tropical birds that is located above the scenic town of Soufriere.

Gros Islet

A fishing village that comes alive every Friday Night for the Jump Up. The streets are lined with vendors with food and drinks.

Latille Waterfalls & Gardens

Located on the east coast of the island in Mahaut, Micoud. The site is accessed through a local flower garden that has steps that descend to the pools and trails. There is a twenty foot waterfall that is surrounded by lush vegetation and forest.

Marigot Bay

Marigot Bay is one of the most secure anchorages in the Caribbean. It is the setting for many movies including Doctor Doolittle – the original film starring Rex Harrison.

Mamiku Gardens

Located in Praslin, that is a community south of Dennery. It is in the heart of banana cultivation which boosts both 18th century 12 acre botanical gardens that was once French estate a historical and has ruins of times past. It is the site of a battle between the British and revolutionary Maroons in 1797.

Morne Coubaril Estate

This is the first major estate established on the island. A tour of the grounds allows you to experience the wonders of a working family plantation filled with beautiful tropical flowers in the botanical gardens. Learn about the traditional ways producing coffee, copra and cocoa crops.

Mount Gimie

Has three distinctive peaks and is the tallest mountain on the island that reaches over 3100 feet. Mount Gimie is located between the Bexon and Fond D’Or Valleys.

Rodney Bay Marina (IGY)

Is considered to be one of the Caribbean’s leading marinas The well protected hurricane hole complex offers 232 slips and a 4.6 acre boatyard. Rodney Bay is the finish line for The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers ( the annual world’s largest transoceanic race) held during the months of November/December.


This landmark is a UNESCO World Heritage Site whose peaks were formed by volcanic activity but their plugs never erupted. The majestic Pitons rise out of the sea to a height over a half mile. The height of the Gros Piton is 2,619 ft and the Petit Piton, smaller and narrow, rises to heights of 2,460 ft.


Soufriere is a fishing village with a significant historic past. It’s the location of the old French capital nestled beneath the Pitons. It was sugar producing area, ravished by the French Revolution. The fishing town is located on the scenic west coast and has many natural wonders including the majestic Pitons – UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sulphur Springs, picturesque waterfalls and botanical gardens, mineral pools, dive sites, cocoa plantations and nature trails.

Sulphur Springs

This is a seven acre crater and home to the world’s only drive in volcano with boiling pools of dark grey mineral waters and hissing steam. There are warm pools of water from the sulphuric river to bathe in at the base. The springs are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site designated as having geological importance.

Torialle Waterfalls & Botanical Gardens

This waterfall is located on an acre of land in Soufriere. The 50 foot waterfall cascades to the bottom forming a cool water bathing pool. The site has various species of plants to landscape the grounds.


The location of the island’s zoo that showcases local flora and fauna as well as a medicinal garden containing plants commonly used to cure many maladies.

Vieux Fort

The islands oldest settlement and second largest port is located at the most southern part of Saint Lucia. The Hewanorra International Airport is located in Vieux Fort. The extreme tip is the Moule-A-Chique peninsula with a lighthouse with spectacular views of Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Off the Atlantic shore of Vieux Fort is Maria Island Nature Reserve, the home to many protected indigenous birds and reptiles.